Heading Down to WalMart

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Music - John
Lyrics - John and Steven Scott

Performed by:
John - guitars and vocals

"We've all 'been there' - don't lie." John
Iím still awake at 3am, itís been so long that I donít know when
The bars are closed and Iím alone my friends have headed home again
You might say that I got the blues, but there ainít nothing else a man can do
I guess thatís just what itís come to, the ropes near the end

So heading down to the Walmart, gonna find me a sweet tart
I park in my favorite parking spot, and comb through my hair
The greeter smiles when she sees me, but sheís as old as an oak tree
I ask her where to find the honeys, Ďcause Iím headed there

I got tired of the smoky bars, you know I never really got that far
I tried my hand at poker night, and lost my shirt and tail
Spent Sunday morning in a hard pew, but I never really got through
To those goody-goody two shoes, they didnít fill my sails

So Iím hanging out at the Walmart, just shopping for a sweet tart
I push around an empty shopping cart, and try to make the sale
I help the ladies with the high shelves, things they couldnít get themselves
I drop a line when I get the tell, much to no avail

You got your lookers in the checkout lane, always reading those magazines
ní the tomboys in hardware, and the lovelies in ladies wear
I didnít quite know what to say, when they caught me in the lingerie
But I think I caught the girl in pharmacy, giving me a stare

So now Iím checking out of the Walmart, cause I found me a sweet tart
We fell in love and said weíd never part, and traded rings to wear
And now Iím filling up on formula, and heading home before the babies up
A pack of diapers for a dirty butt, and Iím outta here

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