Friday Shows

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Music and Lyrics - John

Performed by:
John - guitars and vocals

"Daddy's a star tonight"
A younger man, a shooting star, I was the next big thing, or so I thought
The local dive was our big time, just’a weekend rockers holding nine to fives
After a working week well, that’s how we’d unwind
Do a weekend tour with the boys, just making our nickels and dimes, and playing

Friday shows, man I loved the feeling off the dance floor
When the girls they got to heeling
Though a far cry, I could go on dreaming ‘neath the spotlight
I was a star alright

It’s ten years on, how time’s flown by, it’s like you find a girl, then you blink your eye
The weekends here, I’m headed home, just a family man now, my bird has flown
And my mind slips back to those rock and roll days
How I miss the beers and the boys and the clubs, and hearing those guitars play
Got me thinkin’ ‘bout that

Friday show, when I saw the future walking through that door, so I sent that girl a drink
And hoped my cards played right, so I could make her think I was a star that night
And be her Mr. Right

A younger man might have chased that dream, but a wiser soul knows what he needs
And all I need is sitting at my knee tonight
And I may never win a CMA, but I wouldn't trade the fame or pay
For the love I'm feeling everyday of my life … but I still play my

Friday shows, man I love the feeling on the front porch, when I sing those kids to sleep
And under just moonlight, I got 'em believing I'm a star tonight. Daddy's a star tonight

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