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Steven Scott - a true southern poet

Stan Peal - a false northern tea pot

Tawana Lael is an angel sent in an R-nB dream. She is also becoming a major new force in the ATL scene

Pete Orenstein is the wizard behind the notable Atlanta jamz-band Bonobos Convergence

Gary Chumney is the ethanol in Ethan and the Ewox

Frank Registrato provides the bounce in Bonobos Convergence

Andrew "Black and Blues" Black is an all-round monster vocalist and bluesman extraordinare

Steve Mays - does the throw down on the low down

Curtis Bryant - does his thing on the strings

Boom, Bust and Echo was a super-great rock and roll band John was heavily involved with a number of years ago. While the lineup varied, the "classic" roster included Robert Doyle [r-guitar, vocals and song-writing duties], John [l-guitar and vocals], Paul Banerian [keys and vocals], Cliff Shephard [bass] and Laney Stringer [drums].

All songs copyrighted. All songs available for artistic consideration. Contact John.